Chrissie demos

Mercy Mission (The Phone Call) – late 1977

This has since appeared on the Pretenders Box Set 1979 – 1999 saying that it was recorded in late 1977. It first appeared on a demo tape that Dave Hill of Real Records was supposed to have.

Suicide – late 1977

This is the other song that was supposed to be on the demo tape that was in Dave Hill’s possession and has as far as we know never been released.

pretenders chrissie hynde demos
Early Chrissie Hynde shot
pretenders & chrissie hynde demos
Chrissie Hynde, Jordan & Jayne County

Do I Love You – June 1978

Chrissie is rumoured to have recorded this with Steve Jones and Paul Cook while recording the backing vocals to “Subway Train” on Johnny Thunders solo album “So Alone”

It’s a cover of the Ronettes song and has that umistakable Cook & Jones wall of sound.

pretenders chrissie hynde demos
Chrissie Hynde, Steve Jones & Paul Cook

Chrissie Hynde and Ali Campbell/UB40 unreleased track exclusive to Pretenders 977 Radio. Recorded around the time of Viva El Amor and titled “You Haven’t Got A Clue” click the player to listen.

And Not A Penny More (Demo Track)- Loose Screw – June 2001 – April 2002

This was on a demo of the Loose Screw album. Which had been handwritten on and said: “Adam, Chrissie + A Drum Machine” this was track 13.
They have used it as an intro, listen to it live here Koko, London 2

pretenders chrissie hynde demos
Pretenders Loose Screw Demo