“WHAT IT’S basically down to is pressure.”

Peter Farndon speaks slowly, his voice coloured with deliberation, exhaustion and a hint of bewilderment. The soft water vowels of his still distinct Hereford accent add bite to his new-found disillusionment with the ways of the world.

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“There’s something I dread about talking to female musicians,” my co-editor DiMartino sighed as we drank beer and worried in the bar of Chrissie Hynde’s Detroit hotel.
I knew this wasn’t just sexism – we’ve gone too many rounds in the Editorial room on those grounds.
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What do you prefer to be called?

Let’s start at the beginning. When and where were you born?
I was born in Hereford. Let’s see – 1956. November the 4th.
When did you start playing guitar?
My brother – he was in the Navy – brought one back from Africa when I was ten years old. That’s right. And then I graduated to a better model when I was 11. That was an f-hole guitar, and the neck fell off. And then when I went to high school, I got a guitar called a Rossetti Airstream. And the next guitar after that was a Gibson three-three-five [ES-335]. I got that when I was 16.

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James Honeyman-Scott
James Honeyman-Scott
THE REBEL in Chrissie Hynde is positively squirming today. Perched on a chair in a Kilburn dressing room, where the Pretenders are rehearsing for their next bout of gigs, she confesses to “shitting in my pants at the thought of going on stage again in a few weeks.” She knows she’s on the rock’n’roll treadmill of product and promotion. “And rock’n’roll’s dead! I hate rock’n’roll! I spit on rock ‘n’ roll!”
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pretenders and chrissie hynde atricles
Pretenders on the front of Zig Zag August 1981
SENSIBLE. THAT’S the word for Pretenders drummer Martin Chambers. Playing everything from progressive rock to proto-pub-rock professionally since 1967, he’s a stolid albeit logical player and sometimes a lot better. But since the Pretenders last concert in April of 1982, the band has been hit with mishaps aplenty.

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In the last two turbulent years, Chrissie Hynde has had a baby by the man who once personified for her the rock and roll myth, and lost two of her closest friends — fellow members of The Pretenders — to one of the ruinous aspects of that myth. But the myth endures for her — some would say in her. This is the story of Chrissie Hynde’s chequered rock and roll life…

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IT IS JUST POSSIBLE, I SUPPOSE, THAT SOMEWHERE IN Chrissie Hynde’s attic, there lurks a portrait of a withered old crone hunched over an electric guitar with many of its strings broken.

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